How To Build A Solar Panel

If you want to know how to build a solar panel then we can help. Generating your own electricity has never been easier especially today with the numerous guides and instructions available on the internet. The only problem is finding the best instructions that will make building a solar panel both simple and cheap. To make this easy for you we have reviewed many DIY solar panel guides and picked the top 3.

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GreenPoweredHome (Best Pick)

At the top of our list is a DIY solar panel guide called GreenPoweredHome. This is simply the best guide we could find out of 16 products that we reviewed. The steps included will show you exactly how to build a solar panel and are simple enough to understand that even a complete beginner could follow through. We also found the video library that is included to be very helpful. If you're serious about making solar panels then we highly recommend starting here.

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2. Earth4Energy

In second place we have Earth4Energy. This is a great guide that also includes videos with good support. Each step is outlined and relatively easy to follow. The information is accurate and we found no errors in any of the pages. It lacks about of the extra attention to detail that our top pick has but it's still easy enough that anyone can use without a problem.

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Home Made Energy Review

3. Home Made Energy

In third place we have another great guide that does not disappoint. All the steps are accurate, detailed and simple to follow. The presentation is good as well and the videos found here are just as helpful as our top product. Unfortunately when we tested customer support it took nearly 2 weeks to get a response which we found to be too slow. We found the support of the above products to be much quicker in responding to our questions. Overall this is a great 3rd pick.

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If you're looking to make solar panels without spending a fortunate then we highly recommend the above guides. You will see exactly how it's done for a fraction of the cost and you will save money on your energy bills moving forward. All our top picks are meant for those who have zero or very little experience with solar energy and solar panels. Learn more about how you can successfully build your own solar panels by clicking the link below.

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